Microgaming is a famous developer of online slots, which has once again done a wonderful job. We’re talking about their new slot game, called Wacky Panda. This is a classic 3-reel slot machine, a kind of game that’s been almost forgotten. But, that’s exactly the reason why users love it – its charm lies in its simplicity! On top of that, Wacky Panda is a game that’s super-fun to play. 

It’s all thanks to a good job done by the graphics team, who managed to create colorful spinning reels with 5 different panda characters, each having a different personality.

Of course, apart from being fun to play, this slot game can be rather rewarding. It gives the players a chance to win up to 16,665.00. The best thing is that in order to win big money, there’s no need to wager too much. In fact, the minimum stake required to spin the Wacky Panda reels is only 0.01!

Basic Rules

We’ve already mentioned that Wacky Panda is a simple slot game to play. It has only 1 payline, meaning that in order to win the jackpot, you need to get 3 Red Pandas in one row. If you happen to get two or even one Panda symbol, you will still get a prize, no matter the position of the symbol.

The winning amount is calculated by multiplying the win with the amount that you bet per line. Of course, it won’t be as high as the jackpot, but you will be able to use it to play the fun game a while longer.

Wacky Panda Features & Gameplay

Because the rules of this slot game are very easy to follow, Wacky Panda seems like an ideal beginner’s game. There are not too many features to distract you, meaning that you can enjoy the excitement provided by the amazing graphics and entertaining gameplay.

Speaking of the gameplay, it’s inspired by Asian cartoons, which often feature this type of animal as the main characters. In this casino game, pandas are particularly wacky, each with its own unique personality. Everyone likes to see cute pandas having fun and you’re gonna love them even more if they bring you money.

Actually, the money is the reason why experienced casino players are very interested in this game. Wacky Panda has a fairly high payout rate, making it a very attractive option for those looking to make money off playing online casino games.

Wacky Panda is a slot game that’s guaranteed to put a big smile on your face. Give it a try and it might even put big money in your pocket!